Betplacer User Guide

The Bet Placer application will automatically place the bets for you.

The application will place any bets until the “Enable Betting” option is ticked.

Usernames and passwords:

For the system to work you need two sets of user names and passwords:

UserID: The user ID provided to you by

User Password: The password for your account provided to you by iGamble.Cash

This set of credentials allows the application to connect to the iGamble.Cash server to retrieve the bets.

BetDaq user ID: Your betdaq user id

BetDaq user ID: Your betdaq password

This set of credentials allows the application to connect to the Betdaq API in order to place the bets


The check buttons will allow you to check the credentials you have entered.

Once you have successfully entered the usernames and passwords ensure that you click “Save Setting” so that you won’t need to enter again.


Strategies and Stakes:

The application will support up to 6 strategies – currently only 2,3 and 4 and active and recommended.

Tick the strategies you wish to run and select your stake.

Aggressive Price Matching:

This is for future use. The application will attempt to place bets at the price published by the iGamble.Cash servers. In the future if it is found that too many bets are being left unmatched then this setting will force the application to try and match the bets using slightly higher prices as defined by this setting.