Download the app.

BetPlacer Zip File

The application requires .net framework 4.5 or greater, ensure you have this installed before running the application. 

Download and extract the zip file to your desktop. Locate the “BDPlacer.exe” in the folder and run.

Windows may complain since the application hasn’t been signed yet. Override any¬†smartscreen warnings.

Click “More Info” and then “Run anyway”.

The app should now be running.

Enter your User ID and Password provided to yo by and the click “Check”

Enter your BetDaq User ID and Password and the click “Check BetDaq Settings”

Assuming you’ve done this correctly and not received any error messages then your logon settings are complete.

More detailed information and instructions are here: Betplacer User Guide


No go back to the sign up page to complete the other settings.