Sign Up

Things you’ll need:

A twitter account.

A windows PC on which you can run the bet placing application.

Step 1: Follow @igamblecash

Using your twitter account, follow me and the message me to let me know you’re interested in signing up.

I’ll follow you back so we I can DM you to help you through the process.

Step 2: Read the disclaimer

Read and understand the Disclaimer

Step 3: Open a Betdaq Account

If you don’t already have a betdaq account then open a BetDaq account by clicking on the banner below, get some free bets or reduced commission.

(If you open a new account using the link then the service is FREE for the moment)

(If you already have a Betdaq account then I need to charge a small monthly fee, subscription charging is currently in Beta, DM me for details)

Step 4: Deposit at least £200

Deposit some cash (at least £200) so that you be allowed access to the BetDaq API.

Step 5: Request API Access

Send an email to the following address (ensure you still have at least £200 pounds credit): 

Add the following content to the email:


My betdaq userid is: youruserid

Please can you grant me API access so that I can use an application provided by The application will only places lay bets on UK horse racing. Bets will be placed between 5 and 1 minutes before the off. The application will call the api every 30 seconds to place bets.


Step 6: Contact me via twitter DM

Contact me via twitter DM and I’ll let you have a user name and password for the application which you’ll need for step 7.

Step 7: Download and Run the bet placing app

Once Betdaq have approved your API access you’ll need to download and run the bet placing application.

Download and instructions

Step 8: Select Risk and Reward

Review the historic results: Minimum Stake Profit and Loss

Read and understand the Disclaimer

Read and understand the FAQ page as this will help you choose your stake and strategies.

Choose how which strategies and your stake, and setup the Bet placing app to place the bets for you.

DM me if you want any more help with this.

Sit back and watch the bets being placed for you.